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The Pinocchio wall bracket allows you to hang Oma Design bedside lights, adjusting the distance from the wall.

Pinocchio has been designed to allow the cable to pass around the knurled wooden brackets that are inserted at both ends.
The movable arm can be fixed at three different heights to move the fixture further or further away from the wall.

Features :

Pinocchio: wall bracket made of beech wood.
100% Made in Italy.

Dimensions support
Height: 24,5 cm.
Width: 3,5 cm.
Depth: 3.9 cm.

Arm dimensions
Length: 24,5 cm.
Width: 1,4 cm.
Depth: 1,2 cm.
Max extension on the support: 27,2 cm.
Maximum weight supported: 2,3 kg for 2x0.75 cables, 3,4 kg for 3x0.75 cables.