Know how


O. Originality

Each Oma Design creation is designed to diffuse a soft and warm light in the heart of atypical rooms with impressive ceiling heights as well as more modest volumes.

M. Minutia

An Oma Design light is a unique piece because it is assembled and woven by hand.
special care is given to every detail.
Each model is made of wood and cotton. The wood we select is as thin as possible in order to be able to support the tension of the wire and make the structure light. The notches that accommodate our weaving are as close together as possible to render this aspect of a veil covering the wood and creating a balance between the two materials. Digital cutting offers us top-of-the-range precision quality, a symbol of our high standards.

A. Authenticity

The delicacy and nobility of the cotton yarn highlights the warmth of the wood. We pay particular attention to the origin of our raw materials. Thus our wood (pine or okoumé) is PEFC certified.